About Us

Welcome to the IQ Touch family. IQ Touch is the premier provider of the most comprehensive line of laptops, tablets, smartwatches, AI devices, and accessories for the mobile lifestyle. Born in San Francisco, the heart of design and innovation, IQ Touch has evolved into a worldwide premium brand garnering both media and consumer respect along the way. IQ Touch stands for “Innovative Quality,” a mantra that has been fully validated by a whole host of satisfied customers.

IQ Touch commitment to innovation sets us apart. Our products are designed in-house by a talented team of industrial designers and engineers, who also meticulously manage the technology to ensure the highest quality, making IQ Touch products distinct in both design and quality. We operate on a “speed to market” philosophy, which emphasizes procedural efficiency so we can bring our innovative products to consumers ahead of our competitors. The combination of all these factors has made us the brand of choice among consumers who recognize quality design, engineering and value.


By providing a constant stream of new and innovative products with quality and value, IQ Touch is the perfect selection for all of your mobile lifestyle needs. IQ Touch is headquartered in San Francisco and Dubai with distribution around the world.

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